About Us

About Victoria's Kitchen

Victoria's Kitchen is a specialty beverage company that makes exceptional European-inspired drinks. Our beverages are delicious, refreshing and come with clean and easy to read ingredients.
If you walk into a grocery store these days, you'll see plenty of new beverages with electrolytes, probiotics or caffeine.  We think that's great but we are different in the way that we make traditional everyday beverages but better.  All our beverages are naturally sweetened, delicious and not packed with calories. 

We don't do ultra high calorie drinks but we don't do diet either. We focus on taste and refreshment but with natural ingredients and reduced calories.

How It All Started

My grandmother had this amazing recipe for what she called Almond Water. She was always making it for us (the grandkids) when we would come over. I remembered it was so refreshing and sweet; an amazing afternoon treat. When my wife and I came to the US (from France), we kept on making Almond Water when we were entertaining. People were always asking for more to take home, this is where the idea of putting it in a bottle, ready-to-drink and shelf stable came from.

We presented it to a few local Los Angeles retailers and it was a huge success. We then decided to exhibit at The Winter Fancy Food Show in January 2012, followed by Expo West in March and the brand really took off.

Over the years, we introduced more delicious drinks and in 2015 everything changed. We appeared on Shark Tank and our business exploded. We are now sold in over 1,000 locations including amazing grocery stores like Kroger, Ralphs, Fred Meyer, Fresh & Easy, HEB and many more.

David & Deborah, husband-wife founding team.



The Secret

Our company's secret is the love and respect of family traditions and recipes. And like any grandmother, Victoria's Kitchen uses only the best ingredients for you.

What's in our delicious beverages?

Pretty Simple! We use purified water, natural flavors, extract, juices and a hint of sweetness. The citric acid is just there for some FDA regulations about pH levels.


Almond Water Original: purified water, cane sugar, natural flavors, natural extracts (almond, vanilla, rose), citric acid

Coconut: purified water, cane sugar, almond, coconut and other natural flavors, citric acid

Low Cal Ginger Lemonade: purified water, organic lemon juice (from concentrate), organic fair trade certified cane sugar, organic cold-pressed ginger juice, organic cayenne pepper.

What's NOT in our delicious beverage? 

High Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame, Dextrose, Artificial Colors, Preservatives, Synthetic Flavors. Grandma never used these ingredients so why would we?

What Do We Stand For?

    • Delicious and Refreshing European-inspired drinks
    • Decadent and Unique Taste
    • Clean and easy-to-read ingredients
    • Gluten Free
    • GMO Free
    • Vegan
    • Dairy Free
    • Kosher (certified by Orthodox Union)
What Does Almond Water Do For You?

Pretty much nothing! Almond Water isn't a functional drink. 

If you are looking for electrolytes, you came to the wrong place :-) Almond Water is a family drink and just like a lemonade or a sweet iced tea, it is made for taste and refreshment only. It will not give you wings, it won't make you more energized nor relaxed; it will simply quench your thirst and make you happy!

You drink it cold, you enjoy a little sweetness and that's it. To us, it's more than enough. 

Can you make cocktails with Victoria's Kitchen Almond Water?

Absolutely! Mix it with Coconut Malibu or Amaretto for a simple cocktail or click here for some great recipes.

David & Deborah on Shark Tank Season 6